About GreenTec


GreenTec Nursery was set up as a result of futile searching for many native Eastern North American plants - We realized that what was needed was a nursery devoted to making the plants (Especially trees and shrubs) of the Eastern Forests and Prairies available to the mass public - And that is what led to the setup of GreenTec Nursery.

One merely has to take a walk in the woods to see the vast diversity of the Forests of Eastern North America - From the vibrant ground cover of Spring Wildflowers to the flaming Autumn Colors, the Eastern Forests are beautiful in all seasons.

With this abundance and variety of plant life, we realized, "Why not grow native plants?"  Our aim is to help you re-create part of the majestic Forest in your backyard.  We offer most native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers of the Eastern Forests - We hope to expand our variety and selection as time goes on.

Sustainable Landscaping

In the last few years, as we've been observing trends in horticulture and in landscape design, we've realized that there is a huge need for focus on ecologically beneficial plant species.  We have begun to expand our list of offerings to include additional native perennials, including cultivars - There has been a lot of work in developing cultivars of native plants lately, and we are committed to making those available to landscapers and home gardeners alike.

In the details panel of our plants, you can now find at-a-glance information about the plants, including their ecological benefits.

Our Quality Guarantee

When we first set up, we realized that what was needed was not just plants - If a plant doesn't have a robust root system, it won't offer the full potential to the gardener or forester.  That is why we have set the nursery up using the best growing methods available - the Rootmaker method offers a robust, well-branched root system through air root-pruning techniques.  Studies have shown that Rootmaker-grown trees far out-perform standard nursery stock.  The reason is simple:  Rootmaker-grown trees do not become pot-bound, reducing transplant shock and establishing faster.  The result is less establishment time, and more growing time!  This is perfect for naturalized plantings, as they require less subsequent care than traditional bareroot or standard nursery stock.

We have found that some species benefit more than others from the Rootmaker system - While all of our seedlings are propagated in Rootmaker propagation trays, some will go into RootTrapper Bags and some will go into standard gallon pots.  In our experiments,  most fibrous-rooted (i.e. maples, birch, etc.) perform better in standard gallon pots, while taprooted species (Oaks, hickories, etc.) benefit most from the RootTrapper bags.  Our promise to you is to give you the most well-developed root system for the lowest possible cost, which is why we have implemented both standard 1 gallon containers and RootTrapper containers.