About GreenTec


Seamless Integration of Wilderness and Civilization.


Restoring the American Landscape, One Garden at a Time.

Our Backstory

Diversity - This word sums up the abundance of different communities found in the natural areas of Eastern North America.

Where do you find yourself on holidays and in your spare time?

If you're like many Americans, you probably spend plenty of time at our great State Parks and other natural areas.


Simply, these places are full of life and vibrancy.  The lush, cool forests, the waves of prairie grasses in the wind, the expansive landscapes of our remaining wilderness areas - These fill a person with life and energy.

And yet, what do we do in our own landscapes, in our own backyards?

We plant a rug of turf from property edge to property edge, drench it with toxic chemicals, load it with fertilizer to make it tall, and then mow it to make it short.  All in the name of a "good-looking yard."

No wonder so many of us are tired, sick and dreary!

Which brings up an interesting point:

Why do we do this to our backyards, and then drive hours to the nearest natural area when we have spare time?

Why not bring a slice of that vibrant, living landscape home?

Sustainable Landscaping

While transforming your entire yard to a natural area might not be for everyone, it does bring light to an interesting concept.

Why shouldn't we make space in our own yards for some of those beautiful plant communities?

Not everyone likes the wildness of a prairie, but consider this:

It is entirely possible to plant a garden or landscape with nothing but the native plants that surround us.

There's no written code that says a garden has to be comprised of Asian and European perennials - Don't forget, these plants had to come from wild places at some point!

While we're not native plant purists, we do focus primarily on native plants.  Especially plants that are able to maintain their own colonies, self-perpetuating indefinitely.  A garden does not have to be high-maintenance, and our plants are specially selected for their vigor and adaptability, plus their ability to support the thousands of different insects that make up the most basic level of the food chain.

You may not be excited at the sound of inviting "bugs" to your landscape, but consider this:

In a wild landscape, there is balance.  There are plenty of birds to eat the bugs.  Many of them are the very birds we strive to bring to our backyards for their song, their color, their general presence!

These birds can't just live on sunflower seeds - To raise their young, they have to have access to insects and berries, plus adequate cover for them to build their nests.

It is entirely possible to plant a landscape that recognizes the need for sustaining our native communities, while offering well-rounded garden aesthetic.

This is what GreenTec Nursery exists for.

Today's Landscapes

In the last few years, as we've been observing trends in horticulture and in landscape design, we've realized that there is a huge need for focus on ecologically beneficial plant species.

We have begun to expand our list of offerings to include additional native perennials, including cultivars - There has been a lot of work in developing cultivars of native plants lately, and we are committed to making those available to landscapers and home gardeners alike.

In the details panel of our plants, you can now find at-a-glance information about the plants, including their ecological benefits.

GreenTec Nursery came into existence as a result of futile searching for many native Eastern North American plants.

We realized that what was needed was a nursery devoted to making the plants of the Eastern Forests and Meadows and the Midwestern Prairies available to the mass public.  We also realized that we needed to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability and conservation in ordinary landscaping.

Driving from the East Coast to the Mississippi River, the diversity of different communities is staggering.

From the vibrant ground cover of Spring Wildflowers to the unparalleled Autumn Colors, the Eastern Forests are beautiful in all seasons.

The Prairies and Meadows of North America are filled with striking grasses and beautiful wildflowers, and the spacious, gently rolling land makes the sky seem incredibly expansive.

With this abundance and variety of plant life, we realized our mission had to be to make these plants available to gardeners and landscapers across the region.

The System Behind Our Stock

When we first set up, we realized that what was needed was not just plants.

If a plant doesn't start out with a robust root system, it can't establish quickly.  This ends up requiring tons of effort on the part of the gardener to weed and water.  Weaker plants also require replacement more often, which takes up additional resources. 

This is why we have set the nursery up using the best growing methods available.

the Rootmaker system offers a robust, well-branched root system through air root-pruning techniques.  Studies have shown that Rootmaker-grown plants far out-perform standard nursery stock.

The reason is simple:  Rootmaker-grown plants have hundreds of times more root tips than standard stock.

This allows the plants to anchor into the ground much more quickly.

The secondary benefit is plants that don't become rootbound.  This means that roots can grow at their full vigor into the soil once they've been planted.

The result is less establishment time, and more growing time!  This is perfect for naturalized plantings, as they require less subsequent care than traditional bareroot or standard nursery stock.