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A hybrid between our native Agastache foeniculum and the Asian A. rugosa, 'Blue Fortune' anise hyssop brings a fortune of blue flowers to the summer garden.  'Blue Fortune' hyssop was developed in The Netherlands, and it offers exceptional cold hardiness and better tolerance of winter moisture than either parent species.

Blue Fortune Hyssop begins flowering in July, finally finishing as the weather begins to cool in Early Autumn.  The lavender-blue spikes of flowers attract all manner of butterflies, hummingbirds and pollinators, making it a top choice for a pollinator-friendly garden!


Blue Fortune Hyssop is a great choice for both traditional perennial borders and more carefree wildlife-friendly gardens.  A vigorous and trouble-free plant, the stems are remarkably resilient, holding up fine here in Central Indiana through 4-inch rainstorms, nickel-size hail and 60 mph winds!  As long as the soil is reasonably well-drained, they come back year after year and can be divided in the spring to keep them healthy.

Because of the strong licorice scent of the leaves, deer and rabbits avoid anise hyssop.  Very few insects eat the leaves, but the flowers are very attractive to bees, wasps, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Blue Fortune Hyssop grows to about 3 feet tall, making it a good selection for the central part of a border where a medium-height element is desired.  The light blue flowers combine very well with Goldsturm rudbeckia and white Shasta Daisies.

How to Grow Blue Fortune Hyssop

Blue Fortune Hyssop is very easy to grow - All it requires is at least 6 hours of direct sun per day and a reasonably well-drained soil.  Humid winter weather combined with heavy clay soil often cause anise hyssop to die over the winter, but even clay loams that have a little drainage do hyssop well.

Space plants 18 inches apart and water well - After becoming established, the plants are fairly drought tolerant.

We provide 'Blue Fortune' Anise Hyssop in our 1-Quart SuperPlugs - These root-pruning pots can be planted directly in the ground and establish within a few weeks, blooming the same season.

Common Name: Blue Fortune Hyssop
Botanical Name: Agastache x 'Blue Fortune'
Availability: Not Available for 2020