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A common, quintessential tree in the Eastern Forests, American Beech (Fagus grandifolia) is a tall, stately tree.  With its smooth, gray bark and deep green leaves which turn a brilliant amber in Autumn, Beech is an important tree of the forests of Eastern North America.  Found throughout North America from Illinois east, Beech tends to become the climax forest type over time along with Sugar Maple.  The trees have the ability to grow in full shade, slowly growing and biding their time until a tree falls down, opening space for the patient Beech to launch skyward.  No forest in the Great Lakes or Appalachian regions are complete without Beech.


A very useful tree, Beech is prized for its close-grained lumber.  The wood is hard and dense, and makes excellent firewood.  Beech's deep green summer shade and autumn brilliance make it an excellent shade tree, while its tendency to hold onto its leaves all winter makes for a bit of interest in the drab season.  The oily nuts produced by the tree are prized by people and animals alike.


While definitly not a tree that "plays nicely" with other plants (its thick, shallow roots prevent little else from growing under it), Beech is an important and worthwhile tree to have in your yard.  Beech grows well when planted from containerized stock; simply give it loose, friable soil and a bit of sun for best growth.  Beech has a reputation for being extremely slow growing, which is not entirely unwarranted - In full shade, the trees put on only a few inches a year.  However, in the open, Beech grows reasonably fast, a foot or two a year can be expected once the tree is established.  Trees will grow on poorer soils, such as clay, but best growth is found on rich, loamy soils.

These beeches are 1 year old, half-gallon trees, averaging about 18-24 inches tall, with excellent branching and bud set.  Plants are started in early spring in Rootmaker plugs and transplanted to Root Pouch Half Gallons.

Common Name: American Beech
Botanical Name: Fagus grandifolia