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Ranging across Eastern North America, American Hophornbeam (Ostrya virginiana) is a common, attractive understory tree in the Birch family.

American Hophornbeam ranges from North Dakota to Nova Scotia, south to Texas and Florida; a variety of it is even found in the mountainous regions of Mexico down to El Salvador and Honduras.

Hophornbeam maintains a tight, twiggy form, resulting in a very decorative landscape tree for small areas.  Its foliage is usually clean from diseases and pests, turning a burnt golden color in the fall.

Tolerating drought, rocky soils and heavy shade, Hophornbeam is a tough, adaptable species.  The tree is somewhat sensitive to pollution, however, making it less suitable for urban environments.


American Hophornbeam is an excellent small tree to include in the landscape.  For a planned forest-style landscape, it adds a feel of authenticity while helping to increase overall biodiversity.  The trees are rarely browsed by deer.

A member of the birch family, Hophornbeam is a good larval food plant.  It hosts many different species of butterflies and moths, as well as certain kinds of beetles.  The seeds offer food for birds and small mammals, and hang on the tree persistently over the winter.

How to Grow Hophornbeam

Hophornbeam is very easy to grow, tolerating full sun as well as full shade, plus a wide range of soil types and PH levels.  The tree is somewhat slow growing, averaging 1-2 feet per year, but a spot with increased sunlight will help it to grow quicker and more fully.

We offer Hophornbeam in our Quart SuperPlugs - These average 18-24" tall, with well developed root pruned root systems.  Water well after planting, plus once per week if the weather is dry; after the first growing season, no additional maintenance is required.  We do suggest protecting these plants from rabbit damage.

Common Name: American Hophornbeam
Botanical Name: Ostrya virginiana


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