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 Commonly found in mesic woodlands, Blue Wood Aster is a beautiful late-season wildflower.  Blue wood aster forms a lush, solid groundcover in moist woods, its bright, spring-green leaves forming an excellent backdrop for spring wildflowers.  Blends in to the greenery in the Summer, until it erupts into bloom a few weeks before frost.  An excellent plant to end the season!

The cultivar 'Avondale' is a more compact, deeper-colored selection of Wood Aster.  It is just as adaptable and easy-to-grow as the species, and well deserving of a spot in the woodland garden.


 Blue wood aster is very important as a late-season nectar plant for bees and butterflies.  Silvery Checkerspot and Pearl Crescent butterfly larvae use asters as a host food.  Mammals occasionaly browse the foliage, but seldom cause much damage.

Growing Information

 Blue wood aster is very easy to grow, and is an excellent choice for brightening shaded areas with average to dry soils.  Grows very freely, seeding itself around and spreading by roots to form a decent groundcover.  For this reason, it is best to keep this plant out of refined, formal areas!  It is an excellent choice for natural, low-maintenance landscapes, however.  Plant with spring-blooming wildflowers, woodland goldenrods (Blue-stem and Zigzag in particular - Solidago caesia & S. flexicaulis), and White Snakeroot (Ageratina altissima).

Common Name: Blue Wood Aster
Botanical Name: Aster cordifolius
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