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Blackhaw viburnum is a common shrub in eastern forests, found from Southern New England west to Wisconsin, Kansas and Oklahoma, south to Texas and back to Georgia.  Blackhaw viburnum is often seen in hedgerows and open oak forests, where light is more plentiful.  In sunny, open positions, blackhaw forms a nice large shrub to small tree, and flowers thickly.  The flowers appear in mid to late April, and attract all sorts of pollinators.  Blackhaw viburnum has a nice deep green summer color, turning a brilliant maroon to plum color in the Autumn.

Blackhaw viburnum grows primarily in mesic to dry loam soils, though it will perform equally well in clay and sandy soils.  Blackhaw is a tough shrub that can take road salt, dry & hot spots, and windy, exposed conditions.  Blackhaw is very useful for mixed hedgerows, forest edges and even the interior of open forests.  Good companion plants for blackhaw include spicebush, sassafras, hop hornbeam, and oaks.  Blackhaw viburnum can even be grown to decent effect as a stand-alone specimen shrub/tree, and in an open spot it takes on a very nice form with abundant flowering and best fall color.

Our Quart SuperPlugs are about 12" tall, and will establish within a few weeks of planting.

Common Name: Blackhaw Viburnum
Botanical Name: Viburnum prunifolium