Posted by Aaron Diener on Mar 3rd 2019

Weeding Tools - Our Top Recommended Picks

Spring is coming soon - something we're always excited for on the nursery - and so are the weeds.  Looking around the nursery, I can already spot the rosettes of weeds in the beds and borders, and if they don't get taken care of quickly, that's going to present a problem come summer and fall.

One issue every single gardener faces is weeds.  Benjamin Franklin said nothing is sure but death and taxes, but weeds come in fairly close behind, as every gardener knows!  Though you can't really stop them entirely, a little due diligence goes a long way towards making weeding more manageable.  Of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so by removing weeds before they go to seed, you're making your job in the future 100 times easier.

Your weeding game plan for the year starts in early Spring - read on to learn what tools we use in the nursery, and what weeding tools we recommend!

Wilcox All Pro Weeder

The first and foremost tool anyone needs for weed control is a dandelion digger. The Wilcox All Pro Weeder does an excellent job, and is virtually indestructable, with rust-resistant stainless steel contruction.

The weeder is designed with a blade-like fork, which easily slides under roots without disturbing groundcovers and turf.  With such rugged construction, the Wilcox Weeder easily removes dandelions, burdock, curly dock and other taprooted weeds that are difficult to pull.  An added benefit is that the weeder is made in the USA!

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Corona ComfortGel Weeder Trowel

We're a fan of Corona tools, and have a whole kit of them at the Nursery.  The ComfortGel Weeder Trowel does an excellent job of weeding, plus it can also be used for digging small holes for planting plugs.

The Corona Weeder is very comfortable to use, with its silicon gel handle and ergonomic shape.  The shovel head itself is made from Stainless Steel, so it won't rust - At the same time, don't leave garden tools out in the sun and rain and they will last much longer.

This weeder trowel is great for garden beds where you're digging out weeds, but for turf and groundcover, I still recommend the Wilcox weeder, as it doesn't disturb the soil as much.

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Earthwise 40V Lithium-Ion Cordless Tiller/Cultivator

This cultivator is the Tesla of tillers!  With an 11-inch tilling width and a 4-amp Lithium Ion Battery, the EarthWise Cordless Tiller is a game changer for the serious gardener.

The Earthwise Cordless Tiller makes quick work of prepping garden beds, and because it is narrow, it can be used to cultivate between rows in vegetable gardens, as well.  It's a lightweight, powerful, portable unit that can easily be transported around.  Plus, you never have to worry about buying gasoline and running a noisy, smelly rototiller!

The Earthwise Cordless Tiller gets rave reviews on Amazon, and is one of the top-selling power tillers.  For good reason, too - Compared to a traditional gas powered model, these are 1/4 the price and way better for energy usage!

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Red Dragon Weeding Torch

Weeding torches are a great way to remove weeds without resorting to herbicides, and they definitely are successful at removing weeds!  Most annual weeds can't tolerate flame, and a direct burn at the center of the plant works well to get rid of them.  This weed torch is affordable, and uses standard propane canisters you can get at your local hardware store.

One thing to consider when using a weeding torch is to be careful and cautious!  It does produce a strong, hot flame, so make sure you're not using it around flammable objects.  The torch works great for the cracks in between patio pavers, as well as sidewalks - In an area with wood mulch or pine straw, probably not such a good idea.

Weeding torches are very satisfying to use - Nothing like blasting annoying weeds with a flamethrower!

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Rogue Hoe 7" Garden Hoe

We use Rogue Hoes heavily at the nursery an on the farm.  Rogue hoes are somewhat expensive, but well worth the price - They are very well built, and will last for years.  A solid hardwood handle makes this hoe sturdy and reliable, and the hoe itself is constructed from recycled agricultural implement discs.

Rogue hoes are very sharp, picking off weeds very easily.  They can also be used to rough up the soil for getting ready to direct seed, and are especially useful for vegetable gardens and annual gardens where the lack of a groundcover causes weeds to sprout more readily.

Rogue hoes get very good reviews on Amazon - Check out some of the reviews and view the price here!