How to Get Song Sparrows to Nest in Your Yard

One of the best things in the winter is working in the greenhouse beginning in February. It’s almost like being outside except it’s warm! Starting in February, Song Sparrows begin to mate and nest, the male singing all day long. In the cold depths of winter, hearing that sound is like lig...

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8 Ways to Make Your Small Yard More Sustainable

Ever wonder how you can make your small yard more sustainable and wildlife-friendly?We’ve always had the luxury of having plenty of land to work with around our nursery properties, giving us ample space to create habitats. Some of you may have smaller lots that are a bit harder to design – In r...

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The Complete Guide to Help Bluebirds Nest Successfully

With March beginning, the bluebirds should be returning soon.   Bluebirds are possibly America's favorite songbird, and for good reason - These birds are great fun to watch in the garden, catching bugs and posing on fenceposts. Their sky-blue feathers and red breast make Bluebirds one...

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