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Recently released by the University of Minnesota, Blue Heaven® Little Bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparium 'MinnBluA', PP17310) is a prairie grass par excellence.  Blue Heaven Bluestem is potentially the best little bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparium) available on the market today - With steel blue summer color and deep burgundy autumn to winter color, no other variety of little bluestem can match Blue Heaven for color and form.

'Blue Heaven' little bluestem is a vigorous grower, taking average to dry soils in stride.  It grows to about 3 feet tall, and takes on two forms through the season - Early in the season, it forms a nice blue fountain of foliage, resembling a giant Blue Fescue.  As the season progresses, the low fountain of foliage is replaced by tall, stout stems of seedheads, transforming the clump into a much more upright spray of deep blue stems up to 4 feet tall.  Truly striking in any landscape, designed or wild!


'Blue Heaven' little bluestem is nice enough to use in a semi-formal designed landscape, even though it is a selection of a native grass.  For ornamentality, it is unmatched - No Miscanthus could ever hope to look as pretty as a well-grown clump of 'Blue Heaven'!

Blue Heaven Bluestem offers the same benefits to wildlife as the straight species, giving shelter and seed to birds and small animals.  Use it in the middle of a perennial border, or even at the front of a landscape bed - Make sure it has enough room for the basal foliage to flow over.  Blue Heaven Bluestem looks great at the edge of a patio or path where the foliage has a nice, clean surface to spill onto!

How to grow Blue Heaven Little Bluestem

Blue Heaven Little Bluestem is very easy to grow, sharing the vigor and adaptability of the straight species.  Little Bluestem takes heat and humidity in stride as a species, and Blue Heaven is no different in this regard.  Plant it in moist to dry well-drained soil (Drainage is key for bluestem) and the plants will root in quickly.

We have Blue Heaven available in our Quart SuperPlugs - Plant these directly in the ground and they should be established within a month!  Make sure to water well at first if the weather is abnormally dry, otherwise they should be able to fend for themselves within a month.

Common Name: Blue Heaven Bluestem
Botanical Name: Schizachyrium scoparium 'MinnBluA'
USDA Hardiness Zones: 3-9
Height: 36-48 Inches
Spread: 24 Inches
Spacing: 18-24 Inches
Color: Steel Blue
Bloom Time: Late Summer
Texture: Fine
Habit: Fountain-Like Clump, then Upright
Light Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade, Prairies & Meadows
Soil Moisture: Average to Dry
Soil Texture: Clay Loam to Sandy Loam
Soil PH: Acidic to Neutral
Landscape Uses: Accent Plant, Mass Planting
Benefits: Color, Deer Resistant, Rabbit Resistant
Ecological Function: Seed, Forage, Shelter


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