Carex stricta - Plug Flats

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A striking wetland sedge, Tussock Sedge forms dense hummocks of upright grass-like clumps in swampy soils.  While it will tolerate average garden soils, it must not be allowed to dry out - This is best situated in rain gardens and swampy areas of the garden.  Clumps grow to about 3 feet tall, with thin, grassy blades resulting in a striking upright look.

Plant Tussock Sedge 24 inches apart in moist to wet soils - Tussock sedge can tolerate sites that are flooded part of the year, as it forms its own hummock above the soil line.

Plug flats are an economical solution for filling large areas - We currently grow Tussock Sedge in 50-cell deep plug flats.

Common Name: Tussock Sedge (Plug Flats)
Botanical Name: Carex stricta