EarthMat Eco Fabric Weed Mat - 18" x 18" Conservation Size

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EarthMat Eco™ Fabric Weed Mat - Conservation Size

The GreenTerra EarthMat™ is a fully degradable weed barrier that is made from post-consumer recycled synthetic and natural fibers. The EarthMat is a non-woven fabric mat, allowing air and water to penetrate the soil.  This offers distinct advantage over solid plastic mats, which heat up the soil and block moisture.  The EarthMat lasts 3-4 years before breaking down, lasting for the entire establishment cycle of high-value tree and shrub crops.  With a physical weed barrier present, the need for herbicides is drastically reduced.

The EarthMat Eco is an affordable solution for forestry plantings and difficult-to-access sites, as 4 times as many trees can be protected for not much more cost than one Original EarthMat.  The EarthMat Eco has a center X slit which allows it to be placed over the top of tree seedlings with ease while maintaining integrity of the mat.


  • Prevents Weed Growth
  • Eliminates need for spraying herbicides
  • Allows Air and Water to penetrate soil
  • Attracts moisture from the air
  • Keeps the root zone cool
  • Will not leach toxins into the soil
  • Does not contribute to root rot
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Environmentally Sound
  • Lasts for the entire establishment period of plants before degrading
  • 100% degradable in 3-4 years


  • Forestry
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Food Plots
  • Orchards
  • Vineyards
  • Landscaping


  1. Trim existing weeds down to soil line around plants
  2. Place the mat over the plant, inserting the plant through the center "x" slits.
  3. Pin down the mat with non-galvanized landscape staples - Use 8 staples for the Original EarthMat and 4 for the EarthMat Eco.
  4. Place a tree tube, wire cage or other animal barrier around the plant, if desired.