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If you like the look of Oak Sedge (Carex pensylvanica) but have soil that is too wet, Eastern Star Sedge is the sedge for you!

Ranging across most of Eastern North America, Star sedge is a slowly creeping fine-leaved sedge that prefers moist to wet woodland soils.  The clumps fill in quickly, making a good shade groundcover, and the arching, fountain-like form makes for a very pretty look in the woodland garden.


Eastern Star Sedge grows taller than Oak Sedge, and it also has a finer leaf.  The fountain-like form is especially suited for spilling over the edge of paths - It makes a good shade groundcover, complementing other moist shade wildflowers like Stoneroot (Collinsonia canadensis), Skullcap (Scutellaria incana) and Jacob's Ladder (Polygonatum biflorum) very well.

Eastern star sedge makes a good lawn replacement in moist to wet shade, and can be mowed several times per year; the clumps are prettiest when they're left to their full fountain form, though!

This sedge is also deer and rabbit resistant.

How to Grow Eastern Star Sedge

Eastern star sedge grows best when planted in large drifts in moist to wet shade.  The plants dislike strong sunlight and droughty soils, so site accordingly.  Space them 12 inches apart in rich woodland soil, and they will fill in quickly to form a continuous groundcover.

Eastern star sedge is hardy from zones 4 to 8; it is most common in New England and the Upper Midwest, indicating that it does prefer cooler climates.

We currently provide Eastern Star Sedge in Quart SuperPlugs - These plants are well-rooted and will establish quickly, forming a solid groundcover within 1 growing season.

Common Name: Eastern Star Sedge
Botanical Name: Carex radiata