Elymus riparius - Plug Flats

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Riverbank Wild Rye (Elymus riparius) is a good cool-season grass to include in marginal plantings along streams and ponds.  It is somewhat more uncommon than Canada wild rye (E. canadensis) and Virginia wild rye (E. virginicus), though it fills the same ecological niche.  Being a cool-season grass, it develops earlier in the season than later warm-season grasses.  Mix with Fowl Mannagrass (Glyceria striata) and Common Rush (Juncus effusus) for a 3-part grassy cover on streambanks and wet meadows.

Our Riverbank Wild Rye plug flats are available in 32 and 50-cell flats.  They will root quickly though supplemental watering may be needed if the weather turns dry after planting.

Common Name: Riverbank Wild Rye (Plug Flats)
Botanical Name: Elymus riparius