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A deeper green hue than the commonly planted sub-variety Blue Fescue, Sheep fescue or Green Fescue (Festuca ovina) is a cool-season clump forming grass from Europe.

Sheep fescue clumps grow to only 12 inches tall, extending to 18 inches when it's in bloom.  The clumps tolerate frequent cutting, though the graceful fountains of uncut clumps add the most aesthetic value to the landscape.

As it is a cool-season grass, Sheep Fescue looks its best in Spring and Fall when the temperatures are cooler.  It will sometimes go dormant in the summer after blooming, greening back up in the fall.  In mild climates, Sheep Fescue will remain green over the winter.

Sheep Fescue is a tough, adaptable grass, growing equally well in alkaline and acidic soils.  Dry, gravelly soils aren't a problem, and it takes heat with ease - The only thing Sheep Fescue doesn't like is high humidity.


Sheep Fescue is a very useful grass, especially in poor, gravelly soils - In the wild, it can be found everywhere from chalk barrens to gravelly talus slopes.  Sheep fescue performs very well in the dry climate of the Western US mountains, taking the often rocky and nutrient-poor soils with ease.

As it is a non-native grass, Sheep Fescue may not support as many types of insects, making it somewhat less desirable for mass plantings in conservation plantings.  Included as an ornamental element, it is fine.  Since it is a clump-forming grass and not overly competitive, it isn't likely to become an invasive species.

How to Grow Sheep Fescue

Sheep fescue is very easy to grow - It performs fine with average rainfall, and will grow in just about any soil type.  A freely-draining soil with average fertility will yield the best results - Avoid heavy clay, as it tends to cause root rot.  High humidity climates may cause the plants to succumb to fungus, as well, so site where the plants will receive plenty of air flow and sunlight to keep the blades dry.

We currently have Sheep Fescue available in both RootMaker 32 Trays and Quart SuperPlugs - These container types yield dense, well-branched root systems that establish much quicker than conventional nursery containers.

Common Name: Sheep Fescue
Botanical Name: Festuca ovina
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