Solidago rugosa 'Fireworks' (Fireworks Goldenrod) - Quart Super Plugs

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Rough-Stem Goldenrod (Solidago rugosa) is a common goldenrod of Eastern North America, ranging from Ontario south to Texas and North Florida, especially prevalent in the Mid-Atlantic states.  It features golden-yellow sprays of flowers late in the season, with dark green wrinkly-textured leaves.

While the straight species is almost too aggressive for the garden, the variety 'Fireworks' is an outstanding goldenrod for the garden.  It is more clump-forming than the straight species, and only grows 2-3 feet tall compared to 5 feet for the species.  'Fireworks' also is much more floriferous, with sprays of bright yellow flowers that with a little imagination evoke a fireworks display.


Goldenrods are a must-have for any functional, sustainable landscape.  They are one of the most-utilized larval food sources for butterflies, with hundreds of species using them, and their nectar and pollen are used by an immense range of pollinators.  They are tough, adaptable and will grow in nearly any situation, though proper species selection is a must depending on your site.

While many goldenrods are too aggressive for a cultivated landscape, 'Fireworks' rough-stem goldenrod is very well behaved and should be included in any informal landscape as a biodiversity-increasing functional component.  The Autumn bloom period times well with native asters, and the bright golden yellow contrasts well with the purples and blues of asters.

How to Grow 'Fireworks' Rough-Stem Goldenrod

'Fireworks' goldenrod is very easy to grow - plants do well in slightly acidic medium to moist soils in full sun.  'Fireworks' goldenrod clumps can get leggy with time and are best divided every few years.  Pinch back new growth by 1/2 in May and June to promote compact, bushy clumps that bloom well.

We currently provide 'Fireworks' rough-stem goldenrod in our signature Quart SuperPlugs - These fabric containers produce a root system comparable in weight to a gallon-size standard pot, while conserving plastic and peat.  Simply cut the pot down one side and peel back the fabric before planting, and water well at planting time.  Irrigate at 1 inch per week of water if rainfall is lacking - Once the plants are established they do tolerate some drought.

Common Name: Fireworks Goldenrod
Botanical Name: Solidago rugosa 'Fireworks'