Glyceria striata - Plug Flats

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Fowl Mannagrass (Glyceria striata) is a warm season grass for wet soils, especially along open stream banks and wet meadows.  It grows 2-3 feet tall with airy panicles of seedheads, lending a hazy look to wetland areas.  Though the seeds are small, they are abundant and provide late-season food for songbirds and small mammals.  Fowl mannagrass is a bunchgrass, making it easy to incorporate into planned landscapes - Mix with Riverbank Rye (Elymus riparius) and Rose Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata) for a colorful, functional mix in an open, wet spot in the garden.

Our Plug Flats are an economical way to fill large areas - Plant into prepared ground and water well; some supplemental watering may be needed if the weather is dry after planting.

Common Name: Fowl Mannagrass (Plug Flats)
Botanical Name: Glyceria striata