Packera aurea (Golden Groundsel) - Quart Super Plug

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Ranging from Minnesota to Eastern Canada south to Oklahoma and South Carolina, Golden Ragwort (Packera aurea) is typically found in wet meadows and open mesic woods.  It typically grows about 6 inches tall as a creeping groundcover, though flower stalks grow up to 24 inches tall.  Golden ragwort is a fairly aggressive plant in its ideal habitat, so some careful siting is necessary to make sure it doesn't swamp out less vigorous plants.

Golden ragwort has attractive spoon-shaped leaves measuring 2-4 inches across, and it spreads by seed and short rhizomes to create a continuous groundcover.  The attractive masses of yellow daisy-like flowers are produced in mid-Spring, and contrast well with blue woodland phlox and jacob's ladder.


Golden ragwort is a good plant to include in moist woodland gardens.  Some people think Golden Ragwort is too weedy for a conventional perennial garden, but it is a good flowering groundcover for damp shade where not much else will grow anyways.  The plants are frequently visited by native pollinators, though they aren't much of a larval food source.  The leaves are mildly toxic and are pretty much left alone by rabbits and deer.

How to Grow Golden Groundsel

Golden ragwort is fairly easy to grow - The only thing it doesn't like is excessively dry soils in full sun.  Plant Golden Ragwort 9-12 inches apart for a continuous groundcover - The plants spread quickly by seed and root to cover large areas in short order.

We provide Golden Groundsel in our Quart SuperPlug fabric containers - These establish quickly after planting and grow to full size by the second growing season in the ground.

Common Name: Golden Groundsel
Botanical Name: Packera aurea