GreenTec Sod Staples / Landscape Pins


GreenTec Sod Staples

GreenTec Nursery Sod Staples are an excellent option for pinning down sod mats, weed protector mats, wire fencing, irrigation hoses & much more.  We currently offer both galvanized and raw steel landscape staples, 1" wide x 6" long.  Made from 11 gauge wire, these pins will last as long as you need them to.

Galvanized landscape staples are recommended for high-moisture or exposed environments, where a non-corroding fastening solution is needed.  Galvanized landscape staples are especially recommended for holding down fencing and pinning down irrigation hoses and permanent geotextiles under hardscape installations.  Galvanized staples will hold up for years in soil and moisture.

Raw Steel sod staples are recommended where a temporary fastener is needed for pinning down biodegradable weed mats, bank 

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Height 3.00
Weight 8.00 LBS
Depth 7.00


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