Hamamelis virginiana (Common Witch Hazel) - Qt Super Plugs

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What's not to like about a shrub that blooms in November?  Common Witch Hazel is a unique shrub, blooming when little else does.  Crinkly, ribbon-like yellow blooms cover the plant in late Fall, creating one last showy display in the woods before winter sets in.  Fall color is acceptable, a light yellow color.

Witch hazel is fairly easy to grow.  Plant with Flowering Dogwood and Spicebush for a year-round display!  Plants prefer moist, well-drained acidic soil.  Shade is acceptable, but a more sunny spot will bring out brighter fall colors and more flowers.

Our Quart SuperPlug fabric containers offer quick rooting and establishment, with accelerated growth compared to standard or bareroot stock.  Plants are pruned to 12 inches tall to encourage better branching.

Common Name: Common Witch Hazel
Botanical Name: Hamamelis virginiana