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Growing from Maine to Wisconsin, south to Alabama, Florida and Georgia and with a few scattered populations in Louisiana and Texas, Mapleleaf Viburnum is one of the best native shrubs for dense, dry shade.  Mapleleaf viburnum forms a thicket in shade, but remains a tight clump given a little more light.  Mapleleaf Viburnum has dark green leaves that resemble mountain maple or striped maple; mapleleaf viburnum, however, rarely grows above 6 feet tall.  Given a little light, mapleleaf viburnum flowers abundantly, followed in the fall by inky blue berries that the birds really love.  The fall color is excellent, often a pale purple or blue - Rare for autumn colors!

Mapleleaf viburnum is fairly easy to grow, provided it has a little shade - Sun is tolerable as long as the soil is moist.  Mapleleaf viburnum excells in rich, moist woodland soils, but it is one of the few shrubs that grows equally well in dry soils as found under oak and hickory forests.

We grow mapleleaf viburnum in our Quart SuperPlug fabric containers, and the plants are pruned to 12 inches tall to encourage better branching. Mapleleaf viburnum will establish within a few weeks of planting.  Space Mapleleaf viburnum about 3 feet apart for a decent clump, using 3 to 5 individual plants for best effect - It doesn't mind being crowded a bit, since that's how it grows in the wild.

Common Name: Maple-Leaf Viburnum
Botanical Name: Viburnum acerifolium