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Fast-Growing and Widely Adaptable, Northern Red oak is one of the most majestic and important trees of the North American hardwood forests.  Red oak has one of the largest ranges of any of the oaks - It is the only oak to grow into the Maritime provinces of Canada.  Red oak ranges from Nova Scotia west to Minnesota, Kansas and Oklahoma, growing as far south as Mississippi and Georgia.  Fast growing and easy to transplant, Red oak is one of the most commonly encountered oaks in gardens and landscapes, and it seems to be relatively tolerant of pollution.  The tree typically grows 3 to 4 feet per year once established, quickly forming a tall, dark furrowed trunk with reddish undertones.  Fall color is variable, though most often a vibrant red to burgundy color.


Red oak is highly valued for lumber, used especially for flooring, trim and cabinetry.  Foresters favor Red Oak due to its quick growth and its ability to sprout fast-growing stump sprouts after harvesting.  Squirrels and other animals feed on the large acorns, though white oak is more preferred.  Oaks host myriads of insects, including many beetles and moths.  Woodland birds are drawn to oaks for this reason - For providing habitat improvement value, there is perhaps no better tree you could plant than an oak.  Northern red oak is fast-growing and provides dense shade; it is also tolerant of bright, direct sun.  For this reason, it is an excellent choice for yards with few trees.

How to Grow Northern Red Oak

Red oak is very easy to grow - Plant one this year, and in 5 years you should be able to notice it well in the landscape!  Deep, moist soil results in best growth, though here in Indiana red oak is mostly found on dry clay uplands along with beech and hickory.

These seedlings come as half gallon Root Pouch pots, which establish and grow much more quickly than conventional stock.  Be sure to install an EarthMat and a TecTube for best success.

Common Name: Northern Red Oak
Botanical Name: Quercus rubra