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Paper birch (Betula papyrifera) is a beautiful, white-barked tree of Northern Woods.  Spanning from New England and Northeast Canada all the way to Alaska, Paper birch is the widest-ranging of all the native birches.  Paper birch is a common "pioneer" tree in the North, sprouting in nearly pure stands after fire, logging, or other disturbance.  Trees can live up to 180 years - Paper birch can be found in older-growth forests, although it is classed as shade-intolerant.  It commonly grows along streams, in forest gaps, or wherever enough light reaches the forest floor to allow it to grow.


Paper birch is a very useful tree, being used occasionally for lumber.  The most common use of Paper Birch wood is veneer and small wood items, such as match sticks and toothpicks.  Paper birch wood makes excellent firewood - The bark contains highly flammable oils, and is ignitable even when wet. 

How to Grow Paper Birch

Paper birch has long been a popular tree in cultivation - Although it is typically a short-lived tree of cool Northern forests, Paper birch is often used in the landscape much further south.  Where high heat and drought are prevalent, Paper birch struggles to grow well - Excessive stress makes it prone to birch borer attack.  In Southern climates (Zone 6 and south), site this tree in cool, moist, well-drained soil, preferably with afternoon shade or a North exposure.  Paper birch can make an excellent tree south of its native range, provided its root zone is kept cool and moist - Mulch the tree when planting, or plant shrubs around it to keep the soil shaded.  Paper birch makes an excellent landscape feature when planted in groves.

GreenTec Paper Birch is of Great Lakes Forest provenance, the source being Northern Michigan.  Our Paper Birches are started in Rootmaker propagation cells and grown in Root Trapper knit fabric pots - This gives a much more healthy, robust plant and root system than conventional growing methods.

Common Name: Paper Birch
Botanical Name: Betula papyrifera