GreenTec Plant Sizes

Here is an overview of the different size plants we grow, and what you can expect to receive when you purchase plants from us:

SureRoots® 50-Cell Plug Tray

sureroots-50-main.jpgA relatively new addition to our product line, we have found that SureRoots 50 plug trays yield the best growth of any plug flat we've trialed!  They are nearly the same size as RootMaker 32 plugs - 2" x 2" x 3" Tall - but come in a flat of 50 instead of a flat of 32.

SureRoots 5-Cell Plug Flats offer air-root pruning similarly to RootMaker Flats, with roots being directed mostly downward.  We have found that as long as they are planted in a timely manner, SureRoots plugs don't have the problem with circling roots like flat-sided plug flats.

We have found that many species of trees have actually performed better in the early stages in SureRoots 50-Cell Trays than RootMaker trays - This may be due to the fact that the SureRoots 50-cell trays actually have more soil volume, balancing moisture more effectively.

We have SureRoots 50 flats available for most species of perennials.  These plugs are the most economical choice we offer for landscape plantings as well as shifting up to quart and gallon potted perennials for resale.  If planting directly in the ground, make sure to water thoroughly after planting, and keep the area free of weed competition.

RootMaker 32 Plug


RootMaker 32 Plugs are available for most species;  these are small first-season 2-1/4" plugs.  For large landscaping areas, they are a very economical choice, especially for prairie plantings where high plug density is needed to achieve quick cover.  We stock many varieties in RootMaker 32 plugs; for large orders or custom species, please contact us for a quote.

1 Quart SuperPlug™

superplugs-image-compressed.jpgSuperPlugs are our favorite size for landscape installations, and most of our trial plantings at the nursery began with Quart SuperPlug Stock.  We find that the plants root in very quickly and grow to mature size within 1 to 2 growing seasons - Definitely the best way to make a fast impact on the landscape!

SuperPlugs measure 4" Wide x 5" Tall and are made from a recycled nonwoven fabric which allows air and moisture to penetrate.  Because of this, roots are air pruned at the pot wall, causing them to branch behind.  The result of this air pruning is a plant which has hundreds of times more root tips than a plant grown in a conventional plastic pot!  Root tips are what pull in nutrients, and with more overall root tips, the plant is able to establish and grow much more quickly than conventional stock. We grow many varieties of trees, shrubs and perennials in these pots.

We used to recommend planting SuperPlugs pot and all, but after doing some field trials, we now recommend removing the pot before planting.  Root growth is unrestricted, and the plugs establish much faster this way.  Simply cut a slit down one side of the pot, and peel the pot off of the root mass.  SuperPlugs also are good for potting into 3-gallon pots, as they fill the pot within a single growing season.  Tree liners can be planted directly in 5- or even 7-gallon pots as SuperPlug stock.