Iris cristata 'Powder Blue Giant' (Crested Iris) - Quart Super Plugs

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Favoring hilly areas, Crested Iris (Iris cristata) is found from Missouri to Pennsylvania, south to Alabama and Georgia and is especially abundant in the rich, diverse forests of the Appalachian Plateau.  The variety 'Powder Blue Giant' is a step up from the species, offering larger flowers, larger form and overall increased vigor. It was discovered in Leitchfield, Kentucky, just north of Mammoth Cave - Crested Iris likes limestone-rich soils, and is especially common in areas with Karst topography.

'Powder Blue Giant' crested iris forms a nice deciduous groundcover in moist shade, featuring sky blue flowers in early April.  The flowers themselves are quite large for Iris cristata, measuring up to 3 inches wide.


'Powder Blue Giant' crested iris is a great groundcover for shade, and its vigor is similar to 'Tennessee White', though it's a little bit larger of a plant.  'Powder Blue Giant' is good where a blue accent is needed, and contrasts especially well with yellow-flowered spring perennials such as Celandine Poppy (Stylophorum diphyllum) and Yellow Trillium(Trillium luteum), both of which it can be found growing with in the wild.

All varieties of crested iris offer pollen and nectar for native pollinators, especially vital in early spring when not much is in bloom yet.

Crested iris is deer resistant, though we have seen rabbit damage here at the nursery on crested iris.

How to Grow 'Powder Blue Giant' Crested Iris

'Powder Blue Giant' crested iris is very easy to grow.  Simply plant in average soil in shade, spacing individual plants 12 inches apart, and water well once or twice after planting.  This variety isn't fussy and can take care of itself just fine once it's rooted in and growing.

We provide 'Powder Blue Giant' crested iris in our signature 1-Quart SuperPlugs, fabric containers that result in dense, well-branched root systems that establish quickly in the garden.  To plant, cut a slit down one side of the pot and peel back the fabric.

Common Name: 'Powder Blue Giant' Crested Iris
Botanical Name: Iris cristata 'Powder Blue Giant'