Recommended Digging Tools

As any gardener knows, it's very important to have the right tools for digging!  I personally have many different types of shovels, and each has a particular use - From small trowels and transplant shovels to larger digging shovels and scoops, having the right shovel for the task at hand definitely helps your garden projects go more smoothly!

These are the shovels that I personally recommend, from standard shovels to small bulb diggers and trowels.

The Best Shovel for Standard Garden Digging

Fiskars Long Handle Steel Shovel

Fiskars Long Handle Shovel from Amazon

With its all-steel construction and decent price, the Fiskars long-handled shovel is far and away the best shovel for the price.  It isn't as heavy as some of the shovels on the market, but it's sturdily-built enough to hold up to regular use, even when you're using it to dig gravel and heavy clay.

This shovel differs from typical fiberglass-handled garden center shovels in that the handle is made of steel, as well - This means that it is never going to flex and splinter like a fiberglass handle that's been left out in the weather a few too many times - Something I do far too much of!

One interesting thing about this shovel is its reviews on Amazon - It is one of the highest-rated shovels available, but the price won't bust your wallet!  People indicate that Fiskars has a good warranty program, and they stand behind their products.

This shovel is priced around $30 depending on the retailer you get it from; It's available for just over $20 from a few retailers but if you've got an active Amazon Prime account you might as well save a bit on shipping.

The Best Flat Spade

Fiskars D-Handle Steel Spade

Fiskars Steel D-Handle Spade, from Amazon

Another Fiskars product, this spade features the same all-steel construction as the above shovel, plus it has a nice wide d-shaped handle.

This spade comes with a pre-sharpened blade, and is ready to use for removing sod or breaking new ground.  If you do a lot of gardening and are constantly adding new beds and borders, it's very important to have a solid, well-built spade for breaking ground.

Again, this shovel gets really high reviews on Amazon, priced around $25 (Use the button above to check out the current price) - Plus, you get that really good Fiskars lifetime warranty!


The Best Garden Trowel

Corona E-Grip Transplanter

Garden Guru Hand-E Garden Trowel from Amazon

I used to use cheap big-box store hand trowels all the time, and usually went through about 2 per year - Those things break at the drop of a hat!

Out of frustration, I finally broke down and bought this Corona transplanter trowel, and I have used it for several years now.  The main thing I like about it is that it is narrow - When planting plugs, you need a narrow trowel that can be used around other plants without disturbing their roots.

I find the serrated edge very useful, as well - This makes it a cinch to break apart root-bound potted plants (A problem you won't have if you use our SuperPlugs, btw!), and there is even a unique blade incorporated in the shovel head to rip open bags!

This shovel is made with a cast aluminum head - This means no welds to break.  The handle is also formed to fit your hand, and a little tang at the end of it prevents your hand from slipping down the handle.  Definitely the best hand trowel, and one of the main tools I keep in my tool belt!