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No tree is quite as easy to recognize in the woods - The shaggy, peeling trunk of shagbark hickory makes it an outstanding tree even for the landscape.  Though somewhat slow to establish, they do grow quite fast once they settle in.  The leaves are large and pinnately compound, turning to a beautiful yellow in the fall.  Shagbark can be somewhat of a messy tree with its heavy nut production and large leaves, but animals love the nuts!  The nuts are also delicious for hickories, and worth keeping a bowl full of for cracking in the wintertime.

Shagbark hickory is fairly accomodating, able to grow in most soils.  Trees are found in the wild mostly on dry clay soils along with oaks.

These plugs are 3.25" rootmaker liners, necessary for the stocky roots - Typically a taprooted species, our rootmaker shagbark hickories have a well-branched root system.  Once planted, some of these roots will become "sinkers" which will anchor the tree and pull deep moisture.

Common Name: Shagbark Hickory
Botanical Name: Carya ovata