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Foamflower is a beautiful spring-blooming native wildflower that comes in 2 different forms.  Tiarella cordifolia var. cordifolia is the running type, sending out stolons and forming a ground cover, while var. collina (Sometimes listed as a separate species, T. wherryi) is a little bit taller and forms a tight clump with heavier flowering.

The running variety of foamflower is more common in the Northern Appalachians and New England, while the clumping variety is more common in the Southern Appalachians.  'Silverado' is a seed strain of the clumping variety, and features silver-green veined leaves and white flowers with a pink tinge.  This foamflower has grown better than most other Tiarellas here at the nursery, and because it is a seed strain, it may even seed itself around a bit.



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Common Name: Silverado Foamflower
Botanical Name: Tiarella wherryi 'Silverado'