Sporobolus heterolepis - Plug Flats

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Prairie dropseed is a fine native ornamental grass, growing in clumps 2-3 feet tall in a striking, fountain-like habit.  Prairie dropseed can be slow to size up, though after about 2 growing seasons in the ground the clumps should have reached full size.  Prairie dropseed tolerates clay soils as well as more droughty sandy soils, and is a tough and adaptable grass.  Highly recommended as a replacement for Fountain Grass in all-native plantings.

Plug flats are an excellent way to plant mass plantings more economically than quarts.  We currently provide Prairie Dropseed in 50-cell deep plugs.  Plant 18 inches apart in average soils and water well after planting.  New plugs may need watering once per week for the first growing season if the weather turns dry, otherwise 1 inch per week of rainfall should suffice.

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Common Name: Prairie Dropseed (Plug Flats)
Botanical Name: Sporobolus heterolepis