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American Bladdernut

Staphylea trifolia

Common in floodplains and wetlands, American bladdernut flourishes alongside streams, ponds, ravines and other areas where water is present.  The curious name comes from the seed pods of the plant - Inflated bladder-like pods, which contain hard, round seeds.  When the pods dry in the fall, the seeds break loose - resulting in an odd, rattling sound whenever the wind blows!  The flowers are quite pretty, clusters of creamy-white pendant bells in mid to late spring.

Bladdernut is very easy to grow in most soils.  Rich, moist soils are preferred, and the shrubs grow into lustrous thickets in such situations.

Our 2.25" rootmaker plugs offer quick rooting and establishment, with accelerated growth compaired to standard or bareroot stock.  Plugs are 12-24 inches tall.

Common Name: Bladdernut
Botanical Name: Staphylea trifolia