TecTube Tree Protector Tubes - Bundle of Five

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GreenTec TecTube Tree Protector Tubes

Made from recycled milk jugs, GreenTec TecTubes are an excellent choice for protecting young seedlings.  Our tree tubes vary in diameter from 4.25" to 3.25", and come in a nested bundle of 5.

TecTubes help protect young tree seedlings from rabbit and rodent damage, and shield the seedlings from wind and sun for the first growing season.  The tube also acts as a conduit for heating the soil, taking in warmth from the sun and warming the soil around the seedling.  Because the tubes are slightly opaque, they allow enough light in the right wavelength for growth while eliminating sunscald on tender young seedlings.  In our field, we prefer the 30" tall tubes, as they allow low branching on the trees which fuels diameter growth.  TecTubes can be left on indefinitely, as there is a perforation that splits once trunk diameter becomes large enough.  We like to keep TecTubes on our seed orchard seedlings until they're about 3" in caliper.  Taller tubes are required in areas with heavy deer populations.

TecTubes are very easy to install - Each tube comes with 2 adjustable zip ties that go easily around a stake (sold separately)

NOTE: TecTubes work very well for Oaks, Maples, Hickories, Ash, Birch, Cherry, Yellow Poplar and Cucumber Magnolia - We have had less than satisfactory results on Beech and Fraser Magnolia.