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A common plant from the hilly regions in the Midwest and Southeast, Crested Iris ranges from Missouri to Pennsylvania, south to Alabama and Georgia.  The cultivar 'Tennessee White' is a superior selection, with bright white flowers and vigorous growth.

'Tennessee White' Crested Iris blooms in mid spring, around the same time as Jacob's Ladder (Polemonium reptans) and Creeping Phlox (Phlox stolonifera).  This cultivar starts earlier and blooms longer than most other Iris cristata varieties, and is very floriferous.


At home in the woodland garden, 'Tennessee White' crested iris makes a very attractive groundcover as long as its requirement for moist soil and deciduous shade can be met.  The plants are very vigorous, spreading up to a foot each year - We've got some planted in a spot that probably receives more sun than ideal, but they still grow happily.

Blooming in early spring, Crested Iris is good for native pollinators, offering vital nectar and pollen at this floristically-sparse time of the year.

Deer tend to avoid crested iris, though we have seen some damage from rabbits.  A low fence works to keep rabbits at bay, we use this around some of our more sensitive plantings.

How to Grow 'Tennessee White' Crested Iris

'Tennessee White' crested iris is very easy to grow.  Spring and summer planting is best, we find that they survive the winter best if the clumps are left undisturbed after July.  In the spring, the plants are very easily divided and transplanted, and this is a great way to expand your planting.

Some shade, especially in the afternoon, is desirable; with ample moisture and supplemental irrigation, crested iris does fine in full sun.  Space plants 12 inches apart and water well immediately after planting and these plants will reward you with cheerful flowers and sword-like foliage for years to come.

We grow 'Tennessee White' crested iris in both our Quart SuperPlugs and our RootMaker 32-Cell Plug Flats.  The Quart SuperPlugs will establish the quickest, but if you have a large area to plant, the RootMaker 32-Cell Plug Flats will get you a lot farther for the same price.

Common Name: 'Tennessee White' Crested Iris
Botanical Name: Iris cristata 'Tennessee White'