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White Oak

Quercus alba

White oak is an important oak of our hardwood forests.  Mature white oaks are used for their lumber, a lot of which is used for making whiskey barrels.  The nuts are an important wildlife food, and in banner years, the oblong acorns carpet the ground beneath mature trees.  Animals of all kinds eat these acorns, including cattle and hogs - Woodlots consisting mostly of red and white oak could be found on nearly every farm in the early 20th century.  The tree itself is most majestic - In a forest setting, the tree grows tall and stately, its blue-green canopy casting cool shade on the understory below.  In the open, the trees tend to spread their branches more, creating a broad, spreading tree.  Fall color is usually a decent scarlet to burgundy color.

White oak is easy to grow, but is reputedly fairly slow growing at first.  The Rootmaker system offers accelerated growth and an excellent root system with white oak - Once established, trees can grow 2-3 feet per year.

These seedlings come as half gallon Root Pouch fabric pots.  the Rootmaker plug works through air-root pruning, resulting in a well-branched root system.

Common Name: White Oak
Botanical Name: Quercus alba