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White Pine (Pinus strobus) is a common evergreen conifer of the Eastern United States, ranging from Quebec to Minnesota, south to Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky and in the Appalachian Mountains and Piedmont to Tennessee and North Carolina.  White pine is intermediate in shade tolerance - It is often found as a component of the understory in more mature forests, and is commonly found growing where some overhead light is available, such as stream banks and canopy gaps.  White pine is also an early colonizer of abandoned fields and pasture land in its native range.  Though most large trees were harvested in the 1700s and 1800s, White Pine was once one of the tallest trees in Eastern North America, reaching heights of 150 to 200 feet!  A few 150 foot plus trees can be found today; these can be found on the national register of big trees.  White pine is an attractive ornamental, and is commonly planted as a landscape tree.  The tiered branches have an airy look about them, giving a soft, informal (yet architectural!) presence in the landscape.


White pine is one of the most important lumber trees in Eastern North America - Because it is fast-growing and adaptable, it is often favored by both landscapers and foresters.  The lumber is highly useful, used in furniture, paneling, matches, and so forth.  White pine also offers winter shelter for deer and rabbits; it also offers seed and nesting sites for birds.

Growing Information

White pine is very easy to grow, as long as the soil is slightly acidic and well-drained.  White pine won't grow well in poorly drained lowland sites, or in heavy clay soils.  Plant White Pine in full sun for best growth; some shade is tolerated.  Plant in groves of 3 to 5 spaced 12 feet apart to prevent white pine weevil.

White pines are very fast growing, putting on 3-4 feet of new growth in one year!  We grow them in 1 Quart SuperPlugs; these plugs offer well-branched, air pruned roots and can be planted directly in the ground, pot and all.  Water well the first year if the weather is dry and keep free of weeds; no additional care is needed after the first year.

Common Name: White Pine
Botanical Name: Pinus strobus