Wholesale/Contract Growing

Wholesale Trees & Shrubs

GreenTec Nursery has the ability to produce wholesale quantities of liners. We try to grow most Eastern tree varieties, including many rarer, harder-to-find commercially trees.  Our focus is to produce healthy, vigorous plugs/liners that will grow well after outplanting, and we believe that the Rootmaker system offers the quickest-establishing, stockiest seedlings.  With well-branched, non-circling roots and excellent stem caliper, Rootmaker seedlings have been proven to establish more quickly and with a higher survival rate than standard plugs or bareroot seedlings.

For large quantities, please let us know a year in advance to ensure your order will be filled.

Wholesale Perennials

We have a very flexible schedule with perennials, and many of our available species can be produced within 12 weeks.  We wholesale both our RootMaker plugs and our popular SuperPlug Quarts.  For pricing and availability, please contact us for a quote.