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Wild Hydrangea

Hydrangea arborescens

Common in moist, rocky woods from Southern New England south to Mississippi and Alabama, west to Oklahoma and Missouri, Wild Hydrangea is another excellent woodland shrub.  Wild hydrangea is very shade tolerant, though a bit of sun does help flowering.  Wild hydrangea is good for lining paths, as it usually only grows 3-5 feet tall.  Large, round green leaves grace the shrub in the summer, with numerous flowers all summer long.  The flowerheads typically consist of small, creamy fertile flowers surrounded by a ring of bright white sterile florets (At least in the populations around here we use for seed), and about 4-5 inches across.  Fall color is unremarkable, but the winter architecture is excellent - Caney stems become shagged with peeling bark as they age.

Wild hydrangea is one of the easiest woodland shrubs to grow - It is also one of the fastest-growing native shrubs.  Plant wild hydrangea about 3 feet apart in thickets - These close plantings are favored by songbirds for nesting sites.  Plant in moist soils - Wild hydrangea is not particular about soil PH, but it does require moisture and tends to die back and underperform in very dry soils.

We grow Wild Hydrangea in Quart SuperPlug fabric containers; plants are pruned to 12 inches tall to encourage branching.  To plant, simply cut a slit down the side of the pot and peel away the fabric.


Common Name: Wild Hydrangea
Botanical Name: Hydrangea arborescens