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With its broad, spoon-shaped leaves and its cheery wands of golden flowers, Zigzag Goldenrod is a must-have in the woodland garden.

Zigzag goldenrod is a common component of rich, mesic woodlands across Eastern North America.  Ranging from North Dakota to New England, south to North Carolina, Tennessee and Arkansas (With scattered populations further south), Zigzag Goldenrod grows as a running groundcover that sends up flowers late in the season.  Here in Indiana, it is usually found in rich Beech-Maple forests, especially on more limestone-rich soils.

Zigzag Goldenrod grows 24-36" tall, spreading by rhizomes to form colonies; the effect is nowhere near as strong as some other Goldenrods, though.


Zigzag Goldenrod is an excellent perennial for the native woodland garden, holding its own through the dry summer season and coming into bloom the same time as Blue Wood Aster.

A member of the Goldenrod Family, Zigzag goldenrod is able to host many different moth and butterfly larvae; because it blooms late in the season, it is a good plant to include for native pollinators.

Deer will eat Zigzag Goldenrod, but patches are usually vigorous enough to spring back from the damage.

How to Grow Zigzag Goldendrod

Zigzag goldenrod is very easy to grow, and remarkably hardy for a native woodland plant - These can be grown in USDA zones 2 through 9!  Naturally, plants will do better if they are sourced closer to where they'll be grown.  We currently have stock from the Midwest and the Mid-Atlantic, and both of these strains have done well in Indiana, and will grow well throughout most of Eastern North America.

Space Zigzag Goldenrod 12 inches apart in rich, moist woodland soil; water well for a few weeks until they've established.  Zigzag goldenrod prefers moist conditions, but it will tolerate a fair amount of summer drought - We have a patch under some Black Oaks on fairly dry clay loam, and they've done very well.

We currently provide Zigzag Goldenrod in Quart SuperPlugs and RootMaker 32 flats - For a quicker impact, go with the Quarts; if you have a lot of ground to cover we recommend the RootMaker 32 Flats.

Common Name: Zigzag Goldenrod
Botanical Name: Solidago flexicaulis
USDA Hardiness Zones: 2-9
Height: 24-36 Inches
Spread: 12-18 Inches
Spacing: 12 Inches
Flower Color: Yellow
Bloom Time: Late Fall
Texture: Medium
Habit: Upright Spreading Clump
Light Exposure: Shade to Part Sun; Streamsides, Rich Coves, Forest Edges & Openings
Soil Moisture: Moist to Average
Soil Texture: Clay Loam to Sandy Loam
Soil PH: Neutral to Slightly Acidic, Calcium-Rich
Landscape Uses: Low-Maintenance Shade Perennial, Mass Plantings
Benefits: Clay Tolerant, Vigorous, Attracts Butterflies
Ecological Function: Nectar and Pollen, Larval Food Source, Soil Stabilization, Browse